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Acupuncture Therapy Cure Acute Slip Disc L4-L5

                       Acupuncture Therapy Cure Acute Slip Disc L4-L5

My experience with Acupuncture Treatment - Slip Disc By Mr.Mohan Rathore

 I am an officer in Oil Public Undertaking in Finance Department.  Finance department requires more sitting and it becomes strenuous during quarter closing periods. This sitting requirement, incorrect posture and irregular proper exercise caused me to suffer from hip pain problem. I consulted doctor and he gave me medicine and the problem was aggravating day by day. One fine day I drove back to my home by car.  It was not paining badly and I slept as I was tired during the day.

In the next morning, it was a great shock to me that I couldn't stand up on my feet.  My legs were not taking any strength and I just balled down on the bed. My total life took a turn and nothing was of any worth and urgent and I was praying God to grant me strength so that I can stand up on my feet. I was helpless.  In such a moment, you need to have blessed with a good doctor.  I contacted my near dears for a good doctor who can provide me immediate and right treatment.

I was taken to an Orthopedist who provide personal attention and got done immediate MRI.  The MRI revealed that there was slip disc at L4-L5 and some diffusion at L1-L2. He diagnosed that I might had some jerk which led this slip disc.  Still I do no remember about any jerk I had except that I was suffering from backache and doing excess sitting. He gave me four injections on the same day and counseled me that you will be cured within a week.  My problem became worse day by day and I was unable to move side on bed and could not eat with my hands. I apprised the doctor on fifth day about my condition then he advised me to get admitted in hospital where I will be put on injection and traction. I had heard a lot about treatment in hospitals so I thought to go for a second opinion. In the meantime, my boss advised me that this problem can be cured by Acupuncture therapy (for which I had not heard so far). Anyway I went to another orthopedics in a hospital and he didn't gave much attention and prescribed some medicine and physiotherapy. I attended the session of physiotherapy and submitted payment for providing service at my home as it was a very difficult task to enter into car and treatment place.  In car I just rolled down on the back and in hospital I was to move on stretcher. After three days of medicine and physiotherapy, I found myself in more worse condition and I was craving to just stand and walk because it was very painful even to attend natural calls.  A man in problem always seek someone who can provide him relief. 

Then I contacted again another doctor and he advised to get admitted in hospital.  I got admitted and they gave me pain killer injections and started glucose drop.  I was more restless as the hip pain did not allow me to sleep even for a minute on that night.  In the morning doctor advised me not to move from bed even for your natural calls and just keep lie down on the bed. The soft bed made my condition more worse than I was at home.  When I was told to attend my natural calls also at bed, I realized that I have become handicapped even for it.  Then the voice of my boss echoed in my ear that acupuncture can treat this problem and allopathy has only pain killers, physiotherapy and the last resort is operation.  I immediately got myself  forcible discharged.  During the past days, I had searched online about a good acupuncturist in Noida and pinned down on Dr BS Taneja. While returning from hospital to home, I rang up Dr Taneja first time and requested him to visit my home in the evening.

When he came, I was solaced from his balanced and sincere personality.  He apprised that he has treated such cases and has 32 years experience. He started the treatment as I had a case of my boss whose relation got cured from such problem.  After ten days my problem was not improved but I had a faith in acupuncture because I had no other option. My family and other relatives forced me to get opinion from a good ortho-surgeon.  I contacted a famous ortho-surgeon of a famous Delhi hospital.  He advised me to go for epidural steroid injection in my backbone.  I learn about the bad side effects of steroid injection and I did not go for it.  I continued the treatment and requested the doctor to start the treatment two times a day.  Slowly slowly the pain intensity and duration of pain started reducing.

It gave me a confidence that I will be completely alright and can start my routine office duties.  After 25 days treatment, my pain was almost gone but the muscle weakness was there and I was not able to stand or walk more than 2 minutes.  I relied on the treatment.  The confident advice of doctor played a key role and it motivated my confidence daily. This problem was also gone and without any epidural injection and traction, I got alright and started going to officer after total 45 days leave. I continued treatment thereafter and then on alternate days, though I didn't have pain, just to give full treatment to the optimum satisfaction.

I am impressed by the doctor's sincere and humane approach.  One most particular thing about the doctor is that he is so diligent and devoted to his service to patients that he does the job for 364 days in a year.  He takes holiday only on Holi and on all days he is serving the patients. I remember one dialogue that if patient is suffering, how can I take leave because he needs me more and I am answerable to the Almighty.  One more his statement keeps me inspiring that if you do not charge your mobile, your mobile will become useless.  Hence daily in the morning you are to charge your body for minimum 45 minutes and you move all your joints.  Charge you body and you will remain charged for the whole day.  He must be about 64 years - Hats off to devotion and energy that often he visited my home after 10.15 pm for my treatment.

There are rare professionals who are devoted and sincere towards their profession and Dr Taneja is one of them.

Thank you Dr Sahib.  My pain and feelings cannot be described in words.  I am thankful that I got alright with acupuncture treatment which is completely painless.


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